As a hiring manager in the COVID era, I can say that it’s been the most overwhelming experience of all times.

I recently was a hiring manager, trying to find a good fit for my CX team in the COVID era. This experience is something I might want to share later, once I’ve settled with all of this emotionally.

What I wanted to bring to your attention is some observations of…

The secret life of those who are daring enough to move the world.

If you are reading this article, I am sure it’s not a coincidence. You always felt that there’s something special about you. But you never knew exactly, right?

Let me tell you something.

When I landed my first writing gig at a big software company I did not have the…

Oksana Ivanova

I lead a CX team in short-term rental in Canada and the US as my day job and draw funny comics about UX later.

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