Startup syndrome: What you learnt from working in a startup you should never use in your corporate job

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Nobody wants to “take over the universe”

I’ve heard that in startups people are literally on fire. But, to be honest, I’ve worked in startups, and it’s true.

You can’t just say that you are not going to do this. Or eliminate a line of products. Or even just a product if you think that it’s not a great fit for you.

It’s especially challenging for Product Managers. Product Managers who started their careers in a startup.

It’s not temporarily

It’s probably a reason why some people advise you not to work in a startup. You are just going to spend a few years doing multiple actions, being various personas and performing multiple tasks.

No need to wear multiple hats

And I’m serious. Although the smaller a company, the wider your responsibilities will be, you will not be able to do everything.

Don’t experiment

That’s another reason nobody asks you to think or shoot ideas on the spot.

  1. You can’t just throw an idea out if you don’t like it.
  2. You have to follow and keep in mind multiple stakeholders and their interests.

I lead a CX team in short-term rental in Canada and the US as my day job and draw funny comics about UX later.

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