You can do it. This is your superpower.

The secret life of those who are daring enough to move the world.

If you are reading this article, I am sure it’s not a coincidence. You always felt that there’s something special about you. But you never knew exactly, right?

Let me tell you something.

When I landed my first writing gig at a big software company I did not have the following:

Basically, nothing that would make me sure I will land this job.

Yet, I made it.

If you are a creative person, I am pretty sure that you have the same experience of stepping into something completely new and nailing it.

People often ask how you managed to do it, and you humbly answer that you do not know. It just happened. But you and me, we both know the answer. This is your superpower.

Not so many people are ready to jump into an unknown experience, being the first ones to make the footpath for others. For many, it’s a mission impossible.

And for you, it is just like making a cocktail. You need a deal of curiosity, a little bit ignorance about what you are getting yourself into, and lots of passion to get it done. Shaken, not stirred. Some people make a smoothie every morning to stay fit, and you just mix these ingredients into your life to excel.

Mixing it is not easy. But not for you. But you are the hero. You can do anything.

There are many paths, but you are the one.

Once my writing gig was over, I started thinking of what else I could do. This is how I found myself in UX and design.

Not knowing much back then about the design practice — well, to be honest, I had used PhotoShop for drawing some time ago and PowerPoint for creating rough mockups — I applied for a design manager position as a freelancer and… got accepted.

This is where all the fun started. I needed to learn at an enormously fast pace. I was managing three very skilled designers and reported directly to the Art Director. Posters and icons, websites, and UI design, everything should have been under my supervision and was waiting for my approval.

How could I possibly pull this off? The way as you do — just being daring and determined enough to make the job done no matter what.

Is it a curse or a blessing?

It’s both. With this type of superpower, it’s difficult to stick to something for too long. Your superpower needs to be explored.

It would be really strange to see Superman regulating traffic on a normal day, right? But catching a huge truck, which is about to crash into a building — he’s the right guy.

The same works for you. Your superpower of fearlessly opening Pandora Boxes cannot just be hidden away. You just need to use it. It would be a shame to throw it away.

Fearless, you say?

Have you ever heard people calling you fearless?

Fearless is an interesting term. In most cases, it means that a person does something without fear, easily and calmly. But if so, such experience does not affect you emotionally and, therefore, does not shape your perspective and does not change you.

In fact, you are just as scared as others. The cool thing about your superpower is that it lets you do things despite it. You are scared and uncertain but you try anyway. You are not sure and feeling that probably you are not the right person to do the job, but you still apply.

Others see it as being fearless.

But this is how you learn and discover the world around you. The things that you do, like other think, fearlessly, in fact, let you discover more than what you know for sure.

So, Jack of All Trades?

Well, in reality, yes. But do not forget that this is a superpower, not just a regular lifestyle or a way of living.

You know how superheroes have to go through all the things shaping their personality because they are just like others, yet, different?

You would love to be normal, but you just can’t. And, maybe, you do not serve justice or kick bad guys’ butt. But you are the one who can be the first, who does when others do not dare.

As a creative, you have plenty of paths and passions to discover and try. Do you have a feeling that you want to start something but a bit hesitant you can pull this off? Have you ever wanted to try something you are kind of interested in but not sure if it works out? Is it lettering? Graphic design? Interaction design? Or something else that?

Your superpower is calling for you.

It will always be with you no matter what.

I lead a CX team in short-term rental in Canada and the US as my day job and draw funny comics about UX later.